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Life Insurance Policy Quotes Made Simple

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Enter Your Details & View Instant Life Insurance Quotes Online

The State has recently approved NEW Affordable Burial insurance programs, designed to cover all final expenses up to $35,000.

Plans without a 2-year waiting period; full coverage from day one is available!

  1. Type the Face Amount (amount of coverage you are seeking) or the Premium (amount of money you are wanting to spend).

  2. Pick the type of coverage you think you may qualify for based on health conditions

  • Level is day-1 coverage

  • Graded is with a waiting period

  • Guaranteed Issue means no questions are asked; all applicants are accepted.

  1. Enter Gender according to the insured's birth certificate.

  2. Enter your Date of Birth or Age.

  3. Indicate Nicotine use by choosing an option.

  4. Click "Get A Quote" & start shopping available plans online

You DO NOT have to enter your email, name, or phone number unless you would like more information on a particular plan, qualifying for a benefit, or if you are needing help with enrollment.

Enter Your Details & View Instant Life Insurance Quotes Online

"Don't wait until it's too late to plan your legacy. Call us today, and let us help you find a life insurance policy that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind."