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Dental Insurance Policy

What Are Dental Insurance
Policies Used For?

Dental Insurance Policies protect you and your family from unexpected things that happen in life, provide you access to healthcare, and help alleviate the burden of high dental costs. 

  • Emergency Teeth Situations:

(Emergency Dental Care & Treatment, Accidents, ER Dental Surgeon)

  • Preventative Care & Ongoing Dental Treatment 

(General Dental Appointments, Dental Checkups & Exams, Dental Cleanings, Basic Dental X-Rays, 360 Dental X-Rays, Teeth Sealants, Dental Space Maintainers) 

  • Basic Dental Services:

(Dental Fillings, Simple Tooth Extractions, Posterior Dental Composites, Denture - Repair, Reline, & Rebase)

  • Teeth Whitening Services:

(Only A Handful Of Dental Insurance Plans Will Cover Teeth Whitening After A Short Waiting Period, Which Includes: Ameritas Dental - Primestar Access Plan, and Delta Dental PPO Plan (Preferred Provider Organization))

Major Dental Services: 

(Tooth Inlay, Dental Crowns, Tooth Onlay, Dental Cast Restorations)

  • Specialty Dentists Accepted By Dental Insurance Policy:

(Pedodontics - Pediatric Dentist, Orthodontist - Braces, Endodontists - Tooth Roots, Orthodontist - Non-Surgical Alignment & Braces, Periodontist - Gum Specialties, Oral Pathologist & Oram Maxillofacial Surgeon, Prosthodontist - Tooth Restoration)