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Insurance Policy Quotes Made Simple

Step 1 For Insurance Coverage

"Don't wait until it's too late to plan for your final expenses. Call us today, and let us help you find a final expense insurance policy that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind."


American Policy Insurers provide insurance quotes at no cost and help with finding affordable coverage solutions for any of the following types of insurance policies, via phone appointment:
(Group Employer Health Insurance, ACA "Affordable Care Act"/Obamacare, & Private, "Short-Term" Health Insurance

(Annuities, Whole Life, Universal Life, Term Life, Indexed Life)
(Medigap, Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements)

(Dental, Vision, Disability, Accidental, Fixed Indemnity, Cancer & Sickness)

Property & Casualty
(Home Owners, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Automobile, General Liability, Commerical Lines)

Commercial & Professional
("Business insurance", General Liability, Professional Liability, Business Income, Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, Hazardous, Commerical Auto & Umbrella, Employment Practices, Data Breach)

By clicking submit & proceed to quote you will be redirected and have access to shop online insurance quotes through a platform called Insurance Toolkits, an online insurance quote tool designed to have all of your life insurance options in one place.

You are not required to make a decision or purchase upon receiving your quote and you agree that American Policy Insurers may contact you at the number or email you have provided in the quote, with the potential use of an autodialer.  A sample voice recording may be used for telemarketing reasons and to better assist you during the process. 


American Policy Insurers is not the Federal Insurance Marketplace and is privately owned by American Policy Insurers LLC, and by submitting this form, you also agree to give consent for said company to receive, review, disclose, and maintain your Personal Identification Information (PII) for the purpose to help you navigate, research, and apply for insurance policies. 

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All rights reserved.  2021 by American Policy Insurers LLC

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All rights reserved.  2021 by American Policy Insurers LLC

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