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COVID-19-Related ERTC Credits

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You Can Receive Up To $26,000 Per Employee, Apply Now! 

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Ready To Get Qualified For 
Employee Retention Credits?

  • Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC) is a program derived from the CARES ACT which was the same legislation that created the recent Payroll Protection Program (PPP) many took advantage of.

  • In addition to PPP, your business may qualify for an economic recovery check of up to $26,000 per employee by claiming Employee Retention Tax Credits, with help from an American Policy Insurer.

Submit & Check Your Eligibility For This Limited Time Tax Credit Benefit, Up To $26,000 Per Employee 

This service is fast & easy and helps determine your company's eligibility for the ERC program.

If your business has been impacted by the pandemic you need take advantage of this new COVID relief program before funds run out!

We Handle The Whole ERTC Process For You

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  • Our experts at American Policy Insurers are ready to help you understand and get qualified for this ERC government assistance program. 

  • You can submit your info online quickly and easily to see if your business meets the criteria for these FREE tax credit benefits that do not have to be paid back. 

  • We are here to help you maximize the return you receive from Employee Retention Credits, by evaluating your business and helping you file the correct documents to the IRS for approval.


We keep your business compliant with rules and regulations


Reconcile the difference between your PPP and ERC wages.


Accurately calculate your ERC Credits for maximum return


Prepare and file all the necessary documents with the IRS


Provide audit-ready documents for any verification needed

  • Does every business qualify for ERC?
    Not every business qualifies for this federal, tax credit funding. With that said, our tax credit experts only handle serious inquiries, professionals seeking advice and knowledgeable advice on how to get qualified for these limited time benefits. The provided information will be reviewed and a decision will be made on your potential eligibility. If we feel your business would be a good candidate for ERC, we handle the entire process for you start to finish, including submitting the official paperwork to the IRS. We have helped over 20 businesses get refund checks, some as large as $486,000, apply with American Policy Insurers today!
  • If my business is accepted for ERC do I have to pay these funds back?
    No, these are tax refund checks owed to you under the CARES Act, if qualified to recieve them. Our tax credit experts are ready to help determine your eligibility.
  • To qualify for this program, do only W-2 employees count for ERC credit?"
    Yes, only if the business had full-time W-2 employees between 2019-2021, will the business be eligible to receieve ERC tax credits.
  • If I have received PPP funding, am I still eligible for ERC?"
    Yes, you can still qualify for Employee Retention Credits unless it was authorized under the CARES Act. If qualified, you not have to pay these funds back, if your business meets the eligibility guidelines provided by our tax credit experts at American Policy Insurers.
  • What's considered a "decline in gross receipts"?"
    If your business experienced a shutdown due to the pandemic, a disruption in the supply chain or service your business provides, you may quaify for ERC.
  • Can non-profits apply to receive ERC?
    Yes! If you are a non-profit organization you can still get qualified for each full-time employee.

COVID-19-Related ERC Credits

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